Winooski Mutual Aid

Thank you for supporting your neighbors through Mutual Aid! Please sign up below even if you already get our email - we are redoing our email database. 

Please choose below whether you'd like to be on either/both of these lists:
  • Winooski Mutual Aid news and updates: you'll receive emails approximately once a month with updates about WMA's events and activity in the community.
  • Requests: you'll receive emails when we have requests to fill from community members and could use your help. For example, you might get an email asking if there is anyone who can pick up a gift card to Shaws and drop it off at a community member's house, or an email asking if there is anyone available for gardening help. If you are able to fulfill this request, you'll just email us back and we'll provide instructions. Reply if you can help or delete if you aren't available! We'll also send out requests for event sign-up (for example, food delivery or helping out at a Free Market pop-up). 
If you have any questions, or if you need to make a request for support, just send us a message at 
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